Teacher Directory

Welcome to Canal View.  Below is a list of our teachers by grade level or subject area. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates at this login or to contact a teacher.

Cyber security for school districts has become a larger concern as cyber-attacks on school districts have increased across the country. In order to help protect SpencerportCSD, we have removed the vast majority of email addresses and the staff directory from our website.

If you cannot find a teacher or contact in Schoology, please reach out to the main office. Thank you for your understanding!

2023-2024 School Year

Ms. Richards
Mrs. Macartney (TA)

Mrs. Jolly
Mrs. Judd
Mrs. Mang
Mrs. Shaw & Miss Ray

  1st Grade  
Miss Brege
Mrs. Marsh 
Mrs. Massey

  2nd Grade  
Mrs. Demitrovic
Mrs. Faas
Mrs. Lopez
Mrs. Wiggs

  3rd Grade  
Miss Accorso & Mrs. Gabriel
Mrs. Cummings
Ms. Gannon
Mrs. Straub

  4th Grade  
Mr. Lovett
Mr. Meisenzahl
Mrs. Sullivan & Miss Biata
Miss Welch

  5th Grade  
Mrs. Chatterton
Ms. Cusimano
Mr. McNamara

  6:1:1 Special Education  
Mrs. Yousey K-2
Mrs. Placito  3-5
Mrs. Cardot (TA)

Miss Baker

  School Counselor:  
Mrs. Mendoza
Mr. Simmons 

  Special Subjects  

Mrs. Rogala

Mrs. Valenti

Miss Sabourin

Instrumental Music: 
Mrs. Southard

Physical Education: 
Mr. Gombatto
Mr. Woodworth

STEAM Lab & Enrichment:
Mrs. Dwyer

  Student Support  

Consultant Teachers: 
Mrs. Ruf
Mr. Warner

Mrs. Tulloch
Mrs. Grosodonia
Mrs. Russell (TA)

Mrs. Fredereksen
Mrs. Lefebre
Mrs. Stocker
Mrs. Tribol
Mrs. Pocock (TA)
Mrs. Ferguson (TA)

Occupational Therapy: 
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Cummings

Physical Therapy: 
Mrs. Greco

Speech/Language Therapist: 
Mr. Berends
Ms. Poskus
Mrs. Kemp
Mrs. Bohn

English as a New Language (ENL): 
Mrs. Hutchings
Mrs. Farnsworth
Mrs. Prisco