Teacher Directory

Welcome to Canal View. Below is a list of our teachers by grade level or subject area. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates at this login or to contact a teacher, please search our staff directory.

First Grade

Miss. Tedesco

Mrs. Mang
Mrs. Massey

Third Grade 

Mrs. Cummings
Mrs. Demitrovic
Mrs. Gannon
Mrs. Straub
Mr. Rothdiener, 6:1:1

Fifth Grade 
Mrs. Chatterton
Mrs. Kingsbury
Mrs. Milam
Mr. Rice

Student Support

Consultant teachers: Mrs. Hamelin, Mr. Warner, Mrs. Gabriel
Math: Ms. Tulloch, Mrs. Grosadonia
Reading:  Mrs. LefebreMrs. Stocker, Mrs. Tribol, Mrs. Fredereksen
Occupational therapy: Mrs.Diane Cummings
Physical therapy: Mrs. Zapia-Sinicropi,
School Counselor: Mrs. Manfredi
School Psychologist: Mrs. Balys
Speech/Language: Mr. Berends, Mrs. Kellogg
English as a New Language (ENL) teachers
Mrs. Baron, Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. Kim