CV Parent Association

Canal View Association

2021-2022 Canal View Association Board Members
 Andy Holley: Co-President
[email protected]
Brittany McTammany: Co-President
[email protected]
Jessica Wiedenhofer: Co-President
[email protected]
-------------------- :Secretary
Denise Barretta: Treasurer
 [email protected]

CVA Parent meetings are held at 6:30 pm in the Canal View Library. 
*Babysitting is available for these meetings. 

The dates are as follows:


Please consider joining us at these meetings to share your ideas and support! 

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What is the Canal View Association (CVA)?

We plan many events and activities for Canal View and are proud to give our students all that we have to offer! Events like Book Fairs and the Family Picnic… are all done by your Canal View Association. Participation is key!

You can volunteer for as little or as much as you have the time to give. Come to our meetings and discover what’s in store for the 2021-2022 school year. Meeting attendance is not mandatory but you are ALWAYS welcome and we’d love to have your input, for things like school events and functions of CVA.

Please come to any meeting to see what we’re all about!