Student Leaders

Adviser Mrs. Loveland

Meeting Day/Time:  Fridays during student lunch times

Grade Level: 5

The Student Leadership Program is designed to have students contribute to a positive school climate. Student Leaders are trained to model respect, promote tolerance and reduce conflict, helping create an atmosphere where all feel welcome. 

Student Leader training, which takes place during the summer, focuses on self/social awareness, effective communication, conflict resolution and team building. These lifelong skills not only benefit students trained in this program, but also impact the culture of the school and community.

The training consists of discussions and activities that build an awareness of the students’ role in creating a positive school environment. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and take risks during the training sessions, and to transfer their self-knowledge and skills to their school and community. Through instruction, modeling, practicing, coaching and mentoring, students learn communication skills and strategies empowering them to act assertively and responsibly in conflict situations.

The specific skills and strategies that are taught include:

Notice: Being aware of what is going on around you.

(Is the problem Physical, Social, or Emotional?)

 Think: Put yourself in that person’s shoes. 

How is he/she feeling?

physical harm being done - physical

left out - social

embarrassed – emotional

How well do I know the people involved?

Act: Reach out to the person involved in the problem situation. Take Action.

Action 1: Showing Support or Including

Action 2: Distracting

Action 3: Reporting or Getting Help

Action 4: Power in Numbers

Action 5: Talk Later

Action 6: Mediation

Ongoing training opportunities take place during the school year several times per month. Student Leaders get to practice their skills, gain feedback on situations that have provided a challenge to their skills and learn new skills, such as those involved in Peer Mediation. The Student Leaders program supports Spencerport’s initiatives on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and Developmental Assets, as well as the following objectives from the District’s Strategic Plan:

•  Strategic Objective #1 - Each student will participate continuously, respectfully and willingly in improving community well being.
• Strategic Objective #3 - Each student will possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet or exceed expectations as outlined in Spencerport’s curriculum and New York State’s Standards.