Student Council

Advisor: Counselor Mrs. Loveland

Meeting Day/Time:  The last school Wednesday of the month, 3:35-4:30pm (Monthly).  

Grade Level: 3-5

  This student group is selected through a democratic process in each of their homerooms, grades 3-5. Each homeroom selects a representative and an alternate to represent their class and the remainder of the students in grades K-2. Students meet monthly to brainstorm and determine a number of school needs, programs and activities for their fellow students. Representatives work on their leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills through participation in Student Council.

Student Council members show that they are Good Citizens by giving their time and efforts to support civic activities on different levels: 

  • Locally, they work on the the Cartons for Christmas campaign. 
  • Nationally, they support fund-raising for the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life.
  • Internationally, they support the Pennies for Polio campaign in conjunction with the Spencerport Rotary.

Delegates and Alternates use their time during Student Council meetings to learn about brainstorming, debate, building support for your ideas, convincing others, majority rule and veto power.