Creativity Club

2017-2018 Advisors:   Ms. Greer

Meeting Day/Time: 

Coming soon!

Time from 8:00 - 8:50 am

Grade Level:  K-5


Students work on creative thinking skills by solving open-ended challenges. The students will be given a limited amount of time to work on these challenges. Students could be asked to build a structure out of some given materials and see how much weight the structure will hold or they could be given a picture and as a team they will tell a creative story about that picture. The idea of this club is to help children think quickly in a creative way and discover some skills they did not know they had. We teach teamwork, problem solving and creative thinking.

The Creativity Club is run in small groups of five to seven students and one adult. The number of students that can participate depends on the number of adults that are available to work with the students. If you are interested in helping, you must take the Volunteer Training Program given by Ms. Mosher,  Ms. Greer ( at 349-5709 or email them at if you have any questions.

Information will be sent home to all Canal View students about three weeks before the weekly meetings begin.


Can we have a seat and be a chair at the same time? 
Can we have a seat and be a chair at the same time?
Is it working? 
Is it working?

Can we do a challenge together
Can we do a challenge together?